Bouncing Back from a Bad Exam

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Results day is always a nerve-wracking time for students and bad results can feel like a disaster. Regardless of what exams you’ve taken, don’t let it get you down. Here’s our best advice for bouncing back from poor results.

If you can retake your exams next year and significantly improve your results, then don’t let any past failures stop you. If you didn’t revise as hard as you could have or had personal issues that set you back, throw yourself in to the re-sits.

What Are Your Alternatives?
If you struggled with GCSEs or A-Levels, it may be because they weren’t the right option for you. Consider looking into college courses which allow you to retake your Maths and English GCSEs, BTECs, NVQs and diplomas. If you don’t tend to perform well in exams, these courses will give you the opportunity to show what you have learnt through coursework and portfolios.

You Still Deserve a Treat
Even if your results aren’t quite what you hoped for you still deserve to recharge your batteries. You have still taken all the exams and endured the stress of waiting for your results, so you definitely deserve a treat, even if it’s something small. Don’t make any rushed decisions; take a break and come back refreshed to think about your next steps.

Look for Support
You don’t have to deal with this situation alone. So many people will be going through the exact same thing, or will have in the past. Whether it’s a friend, family member or a teacher you trust, talk to them about your situation. The chances are they will make you feel a lot better and be able to help you find the best way to move forward. Check out our post on coping with exam stress: a lot of techniques in there will also help you overcome the stress that comes with failing exams.

Learn from the Experience 
The experience of failing can give you a fresh, more realistic perspective on your future. Learn to use the disappointment and angst as motivation. You don’t want to feel this low again and it’s in your hands to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself. This doesn’t mean trying to learn a subject that is a miserable struggle and sitting exams again and again, but it does mean being creative with solutions and thinking in depth about your options.

Remain Ambitious 
Don’t shy away from success in the future or give up on your aspirations, and don’t be scared of future tests and exams. As time goes by, plans change and whatever the future may hold, you have learned how to cope with things when they don’t go well – resilience is an incredibly important skill that everyone has to learn. You can still achieve your goals, but may need to approach them in a different way.

We live in a society that places a great deal of pressure on young people. If you failed your exams, try to ignore the pressure and focus on yourself. Your future is still completely in your hands. If you do look to re-sit or want to increase your efforts on your next exam, TutorTap provide one-to-one online classes at a cost effective price. With over 1,000 tutors available in any exam subject, you will easily find a tutor to fit around your schedule. Our sessions can be used to reinforce class learning, increase understanding and boost confidence in the areas you have fallen behind. Lastly remember, many extremely successful people have failed exams; Sir Winston Churchill, Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein all failed exams and they seemed to do alright.

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