Our Mission

Our mission is to improve access to quality one-to-one tutoring, providing teachers and pupils with a healthy support system throughout the school year. According to The Educational Endowment fund, one-to-one tuition can accelerate learning by approximately five months progress and is more likely to make an impact if it is explicitly linked to normal lessons.

Meet the Team

James Grant

Founder & CEO

William Beaton

School Programme Manager

Randal Cliff

Head of Tutors


Hannah Levy

Community Support

Diego Lorenzo

Academic Director

Alice Deguilhem

Marketing Manager

Joe Lewin

Customer Service


James Eder

Education Advisor

Neal Sussman

Board Advisor

Nick Lovering

Non-Executive Director


Registered Students


Qualified Tutors


5* Ratings


"At TutorTap, we are creating a community of high quality, affordable tutors that understand the modern day demands of a student. We provide the tools and software to ensure that all our students need to do is turn up."

- JAMES GRANT, Founder & CEO

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