Getting Started with TutorTap

We connect students with affordable tutors from great universities, combining the convenience of working online with the quality of in-person tutoring. On TutorTap, students can get last minute help, hold regular sessions throughout the term, or connect when a quick question arises during a project. Our individually screened tutors cover more than 300 areas, ranging from basic GCSE subjects to advanced post graduate courses.
TutorTap's lessons all take place online, in our own virtual classroom, which facilitates video, text and audio chat. You can even share files with eachother if you want to run through a piece of work. In advance of a lesson, you purchase credit through PayPal and then pay per hour of help you receive. Every student gets a free 15 minute trial once they have completed their registration.
Using TutorTap is easy. All you need is an idea of what you need help with and a PayPal account to add credit. After building your profile, you'll be able to book in a slot with a tutor or receive help within minutes.
TutorTap is available to people of all ages. We have a database of tutors with expertise in over 300 fields, ranging from Chemistry to Coding, teaching 11+ syllabuses all the way up to PhD level. If you need help with your work, one of our tutors can help.


Using TutorTap

We offer tuition in over 300 areas, ranging from 11+ entrance exams to PhD level tuition. If you need help, one of our 1,500 expert tutors will be available.
Whilst many of our tutors are students or recent graduates from some of the UK's top universities, we also have qualified teachers and professional mentors. Our huge database means that you won't be short of choice.
If the tutor you like has a green circle by their name, this means that they're online and ready to teach. To enter straight into the virtual classroom, you can simply press our 'meet now' button and if the tutor accepts, you'll be taken straight there. If you want help from a tutor that is offline, you can book a slot in their diary to meet at a later date.
When you select the 'start lesson' button on your account, this will take you to the virtual classroom, where you can meet your tutor. The lesson only begins when both parties have entered the classroom so don't worry if you end up waiting a few minutes - You won't be charged until the timer begins. At the end of the lesson, either the tutor or student simply clicks the 'end lesson' button and the student will then see how much has been deducted from their account and will also have an opportunity to leave feedback about the tutor.

In order to schedule a lesson with a tutor, you simply press the 'book' button next to their name on the search filter and find a convenient slot in the tutor's calendar. 

The tutor will then be able to accept the job, which confirms the booking.

You can also send a message directly to the tutor if you want to find out more about them. This can be done via the 'contact' button on the search page.

Student profiles can be created in less than a minute - we just need your name and email address. Giving us your phone number is optional but this will help us to arrange your lessons should you require any additional support with lesson bookings.
You can search for tutors by subject and level, and sort by price. For example, you can search for all of the tutors that teach English at the undergraduate level. You can then sort these by price and look in more detail at the profile of tutors within your preferred price range. Across the platform, over half of our tutors charge £15 per hour.
You can usually predict the suitability of tutors to your particular requirements based on their degree subject, university, and grade, as well as their reviews and description of their own approach to tutoring. All of this information is available on most of our tutor profiles. If you are struggling to find the right tutor, or if you want some advice on finding the best one, send an email to - please include as much detail as possible on your learning objectives so that we can find you the perfect tutor.

Once you sign up for a TutorTap student account, you can see your account balance and purchase more credit on the left hand panel of the "Profile" tab on your dashboard. You can access the dashboard by clicking on your name on the right hand side of top header that appears on all of the pages across the website. Once you go to your dashboard, you will be on the Profile tab. Look on the left hand panel for the "Buy Credit" button. You can make payments through either Stripe (using your bank debit or credit card details) or using Paypal (simply using your Paypal email address).

After each of your lessons, you will be asked to confirm that lesson was completed to your satisfaction. Upon your confirmation, we will transfer the lesson fee from your account to your tutor's account.

TutorTap tutors can set their own hourly rates, and over half have set it at £15 per hour. This is significantly lower than the market rate for a comparable level of quality.
Yes, you can have your lessons online in our own virtual classroom. However, you can also conduct the lesson over Skype if you prefer, although this will lack some of the functionality of our virtual classroom.
TutorTap is a world leader in virtual classroom technology and offers a number of features that are not available on Skype, including a virtual whiteboard and document co-editing functionality. You can still conduct your lessons over Skype if you find this more convenient.
Since lessons are conducted on our virtual classroom, TutorTap is significantly safer than in-person tutoring sessions. However, we would still urge caution on the part of both students and tutors. If you notice anything inappropriate during your session, please disconnect from the classroom immediately and inform us as soon as possible. Of course there have been no such incidents to date on our platform.
You can usually tell based on the degree subject and level of tutors. Please feel free to contact if you would any help with this.
This depends on tutor availability but you should normally expect to be able to set up a same day lesson with most of our tutors. Please email if you would like any help in arranging lessons more expeditiously.
We have over 900 tutors on our platform, and a network of over 1,500 additional tutors who we can contact directly on your behalf. Please email if you would like us to contact our broader network to find you the perfect tutor.
We launched our virtual classroom platform in November 2014. Since then, we have grown to be the UK's leading online tutoring company focusing on the undergraduate tutoring market with over 900 tutors.
We have by far the broadest choice and highest quality of affordable tutors in the UK market, with over half of our 900 tutors charging £15 per hour or less. We also have world-leading virtual classroom software, which will significantly enhance the quality and value of your online lesson.
You can correspond with tutors through our messaging system and can talk by booking a free 15 minute trial.
Most of our tutors are from the UK, although we encourage tutors to sign up from all backgrounds.

The easiest way is to search for tutors on our website. Once you have found a few tutors who teach your required subject at your level and within your price range, look in more detail at their profiles. Select your preferred tutors based on their degrees, reviews, and their description of their approach to tutoring. You can contact tutors using the contact form on their profiles.

We recommend that you contact a few tutors with a detailed description of what you are looking for in the lesson. Choose you're the best tutor based on their responses to your initial contact and book them for a mutually agreed upon timeslot using on the green 'Book A Lesson' button on the top right of their profile. You will receive an email with full details for ensuring a successful lesson in our virtual classroom.

Bookings are made in hourly slots. However, your account will automatically be credited with a free 15 minute trial to use with any of our participating tutors.

Occasionally a tutor might be travelling or particularly busy and fail to respond. In order to increase your chances of finding the right tutor in the shortest possible amount of time, we recommend finding a few tutors that you would be happy to work with and sending them all an introductory message. This should be a brief outline of what you would like to work on during the tutorial.

You can also contact us at for help with finding an available tutor.


Technical Questions

In order to use our innovative virtual classroom software, you will need a working webcam. This can either be an external webcam or one built into your computer.
No. All you need is a strong internet connection and a headset/headphones.
If you don't use a headset or headphones, then this may cause an echo that will be extremely distracting during your lesson. Only one of the student or tutor needs to use a headset and they can be purchased for roughly £10 from Amazon


Payments and Trials

Tutors are able to set their own rate, which means there is someone for everyone. Prices start at just £15/hour. Because we understand that not everyone needs a day's worth of help, lessons are charged per hour. Please note that we charge for a minimum of 1 hour worth of lesson time.
When registering with us, your account will automatically be credited with a free 15 minute trial to use with any of our participating tutors. The trial is designed to help you get to grips with the software and find a tutor you want to work with.
Tutoring time is simply the amount of time that both the student and tutor are present in the online classroom. Once the timer starts, you lesson is being charged. The timer will only start when both student and tutor are in the classroom ready to begin.
Credit card information is not required on the TutorTap website and all payments are made safely and securely through PayPal.
After each tutoring session, you will receive a notification asking you to pay for the service you have received. Payments can be made on your profile through PayPal.



We take the safety of both students and tutors extremely seriously on our website.

In order for tutors to receive a 'verified' badge next to their name, they must send in copies of their qualification certificates and a valid passport or UK drivers' license.

To receive the CRB/DBS badge on their profile, we must have received a copy of their up-to-date certificate. These are the same checks schools use to establish suitability of working with children.

Our tutors all have at least a 2:1 degree from a top-tier university, plus a minimum of an 'A' at a-level in the subjects they choose to teach.

Here are 10 reasons to love online tutoring:

  • Access to wider base of tutors: For many students who live either in rural areas or places with limited access to quality tutors, online tutoring could be a particularly useful proposition.
  • Relaxing environment: For both the tutor and student, removing the need for travel allows learning to be conducted from the comfort of their own homes. This is far less intrusive to a student's schedule, especially when the lessons take place after school, when their concentration levels may have dropped. For the tutor, online tuition enables them to book in more lessons, raising their earning potential.
  • Safety: When lessons are conducted online, this allows both parties to remain anonymous. Relationships can be formed using only first names and messages can be sent through the platform.
  • Recorded lessons: The ability for students to record lessons also reinforces the safety of the student and tutor. In addition, it also allows the student to look back at anything they didn't quite grasp during the lesson, going at their own pace.
  • Tech savvy students more engaged: Children are increasingly using online learning within schools and university. They are therefore gradually becoming familiar with this type of learning and may feel more enthused by an online approach.
  • Easy scheduling: Rather than the traditional inefficient method of booking a tutor through an agency, online tutoring allows the user to instantly engage with a tutor, 'try before you buy' with free trials and change booking times with ease.
  • No time limit: It wouldn't be convenient for a tutor to travel to a student's house for less than an hour's tuition, but there are plenty of occasions where a student needs less time. For example, a university student looking for a brief explanation of a topic or help structuring an essay. Paying per hour and having the flexibility to leave a session at any point could help to promote private tutoring to those who would have not previously considered it affordable.
  • Lower cost: Removing the need for tutors to travel would certainly lower a tutor's rate.
  • Overseas clients: The geographical limitations associated with face to face tutoring are completely removed and this means that tutors can help out students all around the world. This would be particularly invaluable in areas with poor education standards.
  • Online payments: Pretty much all industries are rapidly moving towards online payments. Parents and students appreciate the convenience of being able to pay online.

As always, I would be delighted to hear people's opinions and experiences relating to online tutoring.

Absolutely! You can make as many bookings with a tutor as you require. Some of our tutors even offer discounts for multiple bookings.
TutorTap has the largest selection of online tutors in the UK, with over 1,500 to choose from in over 300 subjects. Our instant tuition functionality, combined with the pay per hour payment system mean that we are the most convenient and affordable online tutoring website on the market.



To register as a student, the only information you will need to provide is your name, email address and password. It takes less than a minute to create a profile and you can book a tutor in just 3 simple steps.
As a parent, you can create a student account in the exact same way as a regular student. Just make sure you inform the tutor that you won't be the one receiving the tuition and explain who it's for in a message before the lesson begins.
Make sure you check your spam folder in your email account, as it sometimes ends up there. If you still can't find it, then drop us a line at from your registered email and we'll verify your account for you.
You can change any information about yourself by logging into your account, editing the relevant boxes and updating your changes once you're done.
If you want to change your password, you can update it using the settings panel in your account.
If you forget your password, simply click on the 'forgotten password' link to the right of the login box and enter your email address. You will then get sent instructions of how to change your password to your email account.
To delete your TutorTap account, please email and we will process your request within 48 hours.



TutorTap's software works on all browsers, including Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Google Chrome is our recommended browser, followed by Mozilla Firefox.

If you're experiencing technical difficulties during your lesson, here are a few things that we recommend you try in order to resolve the issues:

1.  Please try refreshing the page you are experiencing the technical issues on.

2.  Re-starting your computer may help in restoring any settings that may be causing the issue for your browser or operating system, especially if the audio and video worked previously.

3.  Log in to TutorTap from a different browser.

If you can't find the subject you're working on, we'd love to hear from you at
If you're tutor hasn't entered the lesson space when your lesson is due, they may be running late, so it's worth checking your email to see if they have sent you a message to let you know. If after 10 minutes they have still not arrived, exit the classroom and drop the tutor a line to try and reschedule.
If you are not being heard during your lesson, you can close the Virtual Classroom and test your microphone on the settings panel of your computer. If you are unable to resolve the issue, try meeting on Skype.
If you can't hear your tutor in a lesson, close the classroom and wait a few minutes for your tutor to do some troubleshooting on their computer before re-entering the classroom from your TutorTap dashboard. If the problem persists, try meeting on Skype.

If you found your lesson unhelpful and would like to request a refund, please email Try to provide as much detail as possible, explaining why the lesson was unsatisfactory. We will then review the dispute and respond within 3 working days.

You can also leave the tutor feedback on the tutor's public profile, explaining why you weren't happy with the lesson. We will regularly monitor our tutor's feedback and remove any tutor profiles that receive 3 substandard reviews.

If you have any suggestions for us, we'd love to hear from you! Whether it's a subject you think we should offer or a new feature you want to recommend, feel free to drop us a line at



TutorTap was founded in 2013 by James Grant, a University of Birmingham Philosophy graduate, who noticed that there was a lack of instant and affordable solutions for students needing support with their academic work.
TutorTap's head office is in Old Street, London. If you want to pop in, we are a friendly team with a pretty good coffee machine.
You can get in touch with the team via the form on our contact page, or by emailing
You can find us on a number of social media sites, such as Facebook - /tutortapuk & Twitter - /tutortapuk.



To apply to be a TutorTap tutor, you need to have achieved at least an upper second class undergraduate degree in the subject you would like to teach. If you want to work with minors, it is preferred that our tutors have received an Enhanced DBS certificate (Disclosure and Barring Service).

All you need to do to become a tutor is follow these simple 3 steps:

  • Register for an account, using you name, email address and password.
  • Confirm your email address and add the relevant information to your profile
  • Send in a copy of your drivers' license / passport, highest academic qualification and DBS certificate if applicable.

TutorTap are currently looking for driven, talented young people to fill the following roles:

  • Marketing Associate
  • Head of Business Development
  • 3 month internship
For more information on any of these roles, send an email to

Tutors receive 80% of the total fee paid by the student and payments are made through PayPal.

We leave it up to our tutors to decide how much they want to charge for their time. We simply receive 20% of any lesson fee.

Our verification process is very simple. In order to get the verified badge on your profile, you are required to send in the following information.

1. A copy of your passport or UK drivers license

2. A copy of your highest academic qualification certificates (e.g. Degree)

3. A copy of any up to date safety checks you have received (CRB/DBS)

4. Any references you have from past tutoring clients

There is no minimum time commitment for our tutors. Tutors are free to manage their own schedule and only work at their convenience.

Tutors can set their own prices on TutorTap. Over half of our tutors set their price at £15 per hour. Since most students search for tutors by price range, it will help your profile show up higher if you charge less than £15 per hour.

This is significantly below conventional tutoring rates because online tutoring saves you the travel time otherwise required to meet your students. For example, instead of travelling for half an hour each way and having an hour long lesson at £25 per hour, in the same amount of time you can tutor for 2 hours and charge £28 at £14 per hour. An additional advantage is that TutorTap has significantly lower commissions that regular tutoring agencies, so you will keep more of your earnings. We have a single all-inclusive 20% commission fee compared with most agencies that charge.

After each lesson with a student, money is transferred from their account to yours. You can withdraw your money at any time - we can transfer it to either your bank account or your Paypal account.
The best way to prepare for lessons is to ask students to send you as much detail as possible about what they would like to discuss, or what they would like you to talk about, during the lesson. You should then create an outline of what you will cover and ensure that you will have enough to talk about on each of your points.
Our platform is designed for online lessons and we have a world-leading virtual classroom. However, you can let us know if you are available for in-person tutoring and we will contact you when we get requests for your area.

Students will search for tutors and contact you using the form on your profile. Once you arrange a mutually convenient time, they will book you using the green 'Book a Lesson' button on the top right of your profile.

You will receive an email with full details for ensuring a successful lesson in our virtual classroom.

We typically look for either a 2.1 grade or above for your university degree (or equivalent), or substantial work experience relevant to the subject area that you wish to teach.
You can build a profile in less than 10 minutes. However, we would encourage you to take as long as you need to ensure that you are providing students with as much information as possible, including an overview of your tutoring approach and any relevant professional experience. However, the most important information for students is to include a full list of your university degrees, grades, and the institutions at which you earned them.
We will ask for you to upload or email your proof of identity and academic transcripts. If you meet our requirements, your profile should then be verified within 2 days.
Students can contact you through our messaging system and can talk to you by booking a free 15 minute trial.
You will receive a notification on your tutor dashboard, and will also receive an email. Please ensure that you provide us with your main email address that you regularly check. Occasionally, we have seen emails going to spam folders so please also check your spam folder.
You can teach any subjects in which you can demonstrate an appropriate level of expertise at a given level. For example, if you have a Masters' degree in Physics, then you can teach Physics and closely related science subjects at undergraduate level, and Maths at A-level. If you want to teach a subject completely unrelated to your degree, then you should provide some additional evidence of competence in that field.
You can indicate your availability but blocking our hourly slots on your calendar in the "Availability" tab on the left hand panel of your tutor dashboard. You can access your dashboard by selecting "Dashboard" after clicking on your name in the top right hand corner of any page on the website. Your calendar will then show on your tutor profile so students will be able to see your availability.
There is no minimum commitment, and you can communicate with each of your potential students to find mutually convenient times to schedule your lessons. It is completely up to you how much work you wish to accept and whether you will accept any particular students.

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