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£15 - £20 p/hr

University of Edinburgh
English / Geography / History / Maths / Essay Review

I have a personal, informal approach to tuition and aim to build a personal rapport with my students. I tailor my tutoring approach to each individual student, but aim to build a solid foundation on w... Read more

£20 - £25 p/hr

University of Sheffield
Biology / Chemistry / English / Interview Preparation / UCAS Personal Statement

*** NOW BOOKING REVISION LESSONS - GET AHEAD, TACKLE YOUR PROBLEMS! *** I provide friendly, tailored tutoring to help you achieve your goals. Currently studying? I let you lead by raising any p... Read more

£15 p/hr

Sheffield Hallam University
English / Religious Studies / Interview Preparation / Essay Review

I take a very supportive and adaptable approach towards tutoring. Each student is different and I am able to alter my methods and resources to cater for individual learning needs. I have worked wit... Read more

£15 p/hr

University of Exeter
Art / English

Depending on the student’s needs and learning style my approach varies. My aim is to start with topics that the student finds comfortable and slowly increase the difficulty as their confidence and un... Read more

£15 - £30 p/hr

University of Manchester
Biology / Chemistry / English / Physics / Maths

My style of coaching is pretty much hands-on with plenty of practice using past papers and appropriate mark schemes. This is of course done taking into account of the students needs and focusing on th... Read more

£15 p/hr

The Open University
English / History / Creative Writing / Interview Preparation / UCAS Personal Statement / Career Support / Essay Review / Essay Writing

My Motto - 'Unlock Potential with Patience, Perseverance and Praise.' --- Excellent interpersonal skills --- Excellent organisation skills --- Passionate about teaching --- Collaborate wit... Read more

£10 - £13 p/hr

University of Rome "La Sapienza"
English / French / Italian

I've a ten year experience in private tutoring both with children, university students and adults. I am professional and reliable, enthusiastic and able to understand the learning needs of my pupils.

£20 p/hr

Edge Hill University
Business Studies / Drama / English / History / Religious Studies / Sociology / Maths / French / Spanish / Interview Preparation / UCAS Personal Statement / IT / Essay Review / Research Methods

I think each student learns differently. To teach each student exactly the same would be wrong. I think it's important to teach students in a way that they understand and if one approach doesn't work... Read more

£15 - £30 p/hr

University of Oxford
English / Music / Saxophone / Maths / Interview Preparation / TEFL / Common Entrance / ESOL / Essay Review / Research Methods / Study Skills / Essay Writing

I am a highly ENTHUSIASTIC teacher with a passion for finding the best way to DEVELOP STUDENTS' SKILLS. I am dedicated to offering the BEST SERVICE possible for my students. That's why I have put... Read more

£25 p/hr

University of Manchester
Business Studies / Drama / English / History / Sociology / Maths / French / Spanish

I tailor my services to each individual. Some children prefer a more structured approach, whilst others work best with an ever changing programme of activities. I am flexible to suit their abilities.

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