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£12 p/hr

University of Manchester
Biology / Chemistry / Maths / French

I'm happy to adapt my style to anything that the student prefers. I would read over the material before the session and can read through any work that the student has done and give suggestions for imp... Read more

£10 p/hr

University of Birmingham
Biology / Geography / Maths / French / Spanish / German

In order to help the student understand areas which they find most challenging, I break down the content into smaller, more manageable chunks, which can then be focused on week by week.

£10 p/hr

University of Durham
English / Philosophy / Religious Studies / French / Spanish

The way I tutor depends on the pupil. If they want to focus on something specific, I will use whatever they provide, and expand their knowledge with my own. If they do not have anything particular in... Read more

£10 - £13 p/hr

University of Rome "La Sapienza"
English / French / Italian

I've a ten year experience in private tutoring both with children, university students and adults. I am professional and reliable, enthusiastic and able to understand the learning needs of my pupils.

£15 p/hr

University of Durham
Physics / Maths / French

Firstly, I work with the tutee to set a specific goal or area to work on. Then during the lessons I try to best identify their problems with the subject or area. We work together on those problems to... Read more

£20 p/hr

Edge Hill University
Business Studies / Drama / English / History / Religious Studies / Sociology / Maths / French / Spanish / Interview Preparation / UCAS Personal Statement / IT / Essay Review / Research Methods

I think each student learns differently. To teach each student exactly the same would be wrong. I think it's important to teach students in a way that they understand and if one approach doesn't work... Read more

£25 p/hr

University of Manchester
Business Studies / Drama / English / History / Sociology / Maths / French / Spanish

I tailor my services to each individual. Some children prefer a more structured approach, whilst others work best with an ever changing programme of activities. I am flexible to suit their abilities.

£15 p/hr

University of Bristol
Art / English / Philosophy / Religious Studies / French / UCAS Personal Statement / Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

My tutoring approach is completely oriented around the pupil. Whatever level or style suits my pupil, I will adapt to whatever they wish to gain out of these lessons. I'm flexible and friendly and bel... Read more

£30 - £37.5 p/hr

University of Nottingham
English / French / Spanish / German

Whether you are struggling to get your head around the grammar, need a bit of improvement in your spoken language or could simply do with a bit of a confidence boost - I can help! I've spent many year... Read more

£20 - £35 p/hr

University of St Andrews
Biology / Chemistry / English / Medicine / Politics / Psychology / French

For older children, it will be more individual led. The student needs to be motivated as I find this boosts their confidence in their abilities (and helps them achieve!). I will provide support for wh... Read more

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