46 tutors ready to teach Geography online from anywhere

£15 - £20 p/hr

University of Edinburgh
English / Geography / History / Maths / Essay Review

I have a personal, informal approach to tuition and aim to build a personal rapport with my students. I tailor my tutoring approach to each individual student, but aim to build a solid foundation on w... Read more

£10 p/hr

University of Birmingham
Biology / Geography / Maths / French / Spanish / German

In order to help the student understand areas which they find most challenging, I break down the content into smaller, more manageable chunks, which can then be focused on week by week.

£29 - £32 p/hr

The University of Melbourne
Geography / German

Question/answer, exercises, reading (languages), active conversation (languages), dialogue (languages). It is important the student is guided and encouraged to actively engage and think, making links... Read more

£35 - £85 p/hr

London Business School
Business Studies / Economics / English / Geography / Creative Writing / Interview Preparation / UCAS Personal Statement / Accountancy / Oxbridge Admissions / Common Entrance / University Admissions / Hindi / Essay Review / Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) / Research Methods / Essay Writing

I am a personable tutor who first reviews and diagnoses the strengths and weaknesses of my tutees in the first few lessons. I then work on a strategy to take the fear factor out of the subject matter... Read more

£20 p/hr

UCL (University College London)
Biology / Geography

My approach to tutoring is friendly, fun and supportive. I'm very passionate about geography and hopefully some of that enthusiasm will rub off on you in our sessions! I'm well equipped with the knowl... Read more

£20 p/hr

University of Edinburgh
Economics / English / Geography / Philosophy / Maths / Mandarin / Essay Review / Environmental Management

I believe in being extremely positive in order to foster good relationships with the students I teach. In initial lessons, I will assess each student's ability level to find areas of weakness and are... Read more

£13 p/hr

University of Birmingham
Biology / Chemistry / Drama / Geography / Maths / Spanish / Dentistry / Computer Science / Science

Professional but friendly approach. Work with my students to identify the areas the student is finding most difficult. Review the topic with my hand-written notes. Explain any misunderstood areas... Read more

£15 p/hr

University of Nottingham
English / Geography

I believe that the solution to any problem can be reached with a good and productive relationship between student and tutor. I am enthusiastic about offering my assistance to students and I firmly bel... Read more

£12 p/hr

Aberystwyth University

Ensure the student thinks about the answer through questioning them; rather than giving the answer. Use a range of material to ensure the student maintains their interest in the topic.

£10 p/hr

Nottingham Trent University
Biology / Geography / Hindi

My tutoring approach is to be make sure the student is comfortable with me so its easier for him/her to grasp things and ask questions easily without any hesitation. For the fact that each person lear... Read more

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