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£15 - £20 p/hr

University of Edinburgh
English / Geography / History / Maths / Essay Review

I have a personal, informal approach to tuition and aim to build a personal rapport with my students. I tailor my tutoring approach to each individual student, but aim to build a solid foundation on w... Read more

£11 p/hr

University of Portsmouth
Engineering / Physics / Maths / German

As I am still studying myself, I know just how difficult it can be to find motivation to work, especially with a particularly challenging subject! With this in mind, I believe it is important to ke... Read more

£10 p/hr

Loughborough University
Biology / Chemistry / Design and Technology / Engineering / Maths / Science

My approach depends on the students ideal learning methods, However I tend to use a lot of diagrams and drawings to ensure that there is a visual aid, which in my experience is very successful in gain... Read more

£12 p/hr

University of Birmingham
Biology / Chemistry / Maths

I start by seeing what areas of the subject that you're having trouble with and then we will make an action plan with targets that the student wants to achieve although this will be flexible and the t... Read more

£20 p/hr

Edge Hill University
Business Studies / Drama / English / History / Religious Studies / Sociology / Maths / French / Spanish / Interview Preparation / UCAS Personal Statement / IT / Essay Review / Research Methods

I think each student learns differently. To teach each student exactly the same would be wrong. I think it's important to teach students in a way that they understand and if one approach doesn't work... Read more

£15 - £25 p/hr

Bharathiar University, India
Chemistry / Physics / Maths / IT / Computer Science

* One to One tutoring *100% attention and no distractions *I do enough preparation before any tutoring session so that I will be able to teach my students to the fullest extent possible * Classroom... Read more

£12 p/hr

University of Kent

For any new student, I will attempt to understand where their difficulties lie, their general approach to problems and any pitfalls where they fall into. Through this, I will then attempt to correct a... Read more

£15 - £30 p/hr

University of Oxford
English / Music / Saxophone / Maths / Interview Preparation / TEFL / Common Entrance / ESOL / Essay Review / Research Methods / Study Skills / Essay Writing

I am a highly ENTHUSIASTIC teacher with a passion for finding the best way to DEVELOP STUDENTS' SKILLS. I am dedicated to offering the BEST SERVICE possible for my students. That's why I have put... Read more

£25 p/hr

University of Southampton
Biology / Chemistry / Physics / Maths

Students have busy lives, so I try to present the information they need in a quick and easy to understand and memorize fashion so they can improve as quickly as possible. I try to provide techniques f... Read more

£15 - £20 p/hr

UCL (University College London)
English / Maths

Keeping questions simple and clear is the key to succeeding in Maths. I teach my students to effectively break questions down into clear, basic steps to simplify their given task. Furthermore, rel... Read more

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