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£15 - £30 p/hr

University of Strathclyde
Chemistry / Physics / Maths

I believe in building basic concept of the subject. I do not throw information onto the students rather promote query-based knowledge transfer. To me there are no irrational questions, all students de... Read more

£15 p/hr

UCL (University College London)
Chemistry / Physics / Maths

I am currently a student of Chemical Engineering at UCL. I aim to establish a relationship with my students that allows them to feel free to ask questions whenever they do not understand something, an... Read more

£15 - £20 p/hr

University of Southampton
Physics / Maths

The expert in anything was once a beginner and a learner. Practice with consistency makes perfect. Everything becomes a little bit simpler when our mind is involved. Concentration is key to understand... Read more

£15 p/hr

Queen Mary, University of London
Business Studies / Economics / English / Maths

I believe that it is vital to understand what the examiner is assessing, in order to gain a clear understanding of how to obtain the highest possible marks. I explain concepts clearly to students and... Read more

£20 - £35 p/hr

University of Bath
Biology / Chemistry / Singing / Maths / Statistics

Science is fascinating. Sadly, not all students are allowed to see it this way. My approach is to help the student to take a step back from the subject and find something about it that inspires them.... Read more

£12 p/hr

University of Manchester
Biology / Chemistry / Maths / French

I'm happy to adapt my style to anything that the student prefers. I would read over the material before the session and can read through any work that the student has done and give suggestions for imp... Read more

£15 p/hr

University of Sunderland, UK.
Maths / ESOL

I usually teach my students in a friendly, relaxed and fun-filled environment, using various methods to pass knowledge, while considering the different ways my students learn.

£15 - £20 p/hr

University of Edinburgh
English / Geography / History / Maths / Essay Review

I have a personal, informal approach to tuition and aim to build a personal rapport with my students. I tailor my tutoring approach to each individual student, but aim to build a solid foundation on w... Read more

£15 - £20 p/hr

London School of Economics and Political Science
Sociology / Maths / Interview Preparation / Statistics / Essay Review / Social Sciences / Research Methods

My initial approach to tutoring is to get to know my students. Having a good understanding of my students enables me to offer bespoke tutoring services. I seek to find out what their interests and lea... Read more

£25 p/hr

Imperial College London

Friendly and professional, the main objective is to help a student achieve his or her goals.

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